kelsey berta
17 july 4th
soccer and lacrosse <3

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If you have a heart you would repost this , this is a close friend of mine who was a victim of a homicide, Joshua “Chino” Zhou @Char1ie_chEEn , was the type of friend to always put a smile on your face and you’d always have a great time around him. My town Franklin, NJ , is having a hard time with the lost of our great friend. He is apart of a group called #E4P/#EIVP (Everyone For Peace) , they are very talented rappers , and i want their voices to be heard ! so please take the time out to listen & repost . it would mean a lot to me and my town tremendously , Much love . R.I.P. i love you man ..

havent used this jawn in years

still says im 17….

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Now all that’s left of meIs what I pretend to beSo together, but so broken up inside

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Now all that’s left of me
Is what I pretend to be
So together, but so broken up inside
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